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Electric Cast Iron Radiator Conversions

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Electric Cast Iron Radiators

Our electric cast iron radiators which plug into the mains electricity via a 13 amp plug have a heating element with thermostatic settings, our electric radiator requires no wet plumbing providing flexible heat for any room. All of our cast iron radiators up to 2000 watts in heat output with a minimum length of 650mm can be transformed into an electric cast iron radiator. The electric cast iron radiator combines stylish looks and modern convenience.

Why Choose An Electric Cast Iron Radiator?

Electric Cast Iron RadiatorAn electric cast iron radiator is an excellent solution if you have no plumbing in your building or a particular room is not attached to an existing plumbing system.

An easy answer to this plumbing problem is to plug in an electric cast iron radiator to the mains electricity via a 13 amp plug, an electric cast iron radiator is efficient, easy to install and an affordable option.

The electric cast iron radiator is filled with water and a heating element is installed; it can then be plugged directly into a standard wall socket or hard wired into your electrical system.

No mess, no fuss.

We have researched the best electric elements for quality and finish to blend with our cast iron radiators. We can offer four heating element colour choices and finishes to blend and compliment both your classic radiators and your colour scheme.

Are Electric Cast Iron Radiators Efficient?

Our electric cast iron radiators are efficient as they provide a very flexible heating method as they allow rooms which do not require heating during the day to be switched off in order to save money and energy, because each heating element has thermostatic control settings. Using the bathroom in the summer, you can heat your electric radiators for extra comfort without heating the rest of the property.

Choosing Your Electric Element

Our electric cast iron radiator heating elements come in a choice of 4 different colours to suit your decor and radiator finish: White, Antique Gold, Brushed Chrome and Chrome.


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