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Why Cast Iron is good for efficiency

Posted by: Jonathan Comments: 0 Views: 16933

The Cast Iron Radiator Gives Out Far More Energy-Efficient Heat Than Modern Steel Radiators..

Paladin Cast Iron Radiators - Finishing Options

Posted by: Hoanganhover Comments: 0 Views: 12023

We do recommend the Paladin finishing service. Each radiator section is carefully painted prior to assembly and testing...

Delta T 50° and Delta T 60° - What's the Difference?

Posted by: Gordon Mowat Comments: 0 Views: 49998

Delta t, also written Δt, represents the difference between two temperatures - e.g. between a radiator and a room..

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Beautiful New Radiators for Your Home or Office

Budget Radiators stands for great quality new radiators at great prices to suit your budget.

You'll find all types of new radiators here, mainly central heating radiators, although we have some beautiful electric radiators and dual energy ones too. You'll find classy designer radiators, cast iron radiators, towel radiators - well, you name it - there are many radiators here to suit your needs perfectly.

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Significant savings are passed on to you because we buy directly from radiator manufacturers and have no expensive store or showroom, so, you get top quality new radiators at great prices.

Please browse the site for radiators and accessories to make your home or office warm, comfortable and stylish -without breaking the bank.

Radiators that enhance your home

Frequently, people buy new radiators because they need them: it’s often cheaper and certainly easier to buy new ones than to remove the old and try to restore them. However, more and more people are realising the positive impact new radiators can have on a room when they’re chosen for their style.

If you think about it, you’ll think nothing of spending hundreds or even thousands of pounds on a new sofa, wallpaper, paint, curtains and so on and then stick the same, and dare we say it ‘boring’ old white standard panel radiator back on the wall with a lick of paint.

Not that there is anything wrong with panel radiators. it’s just that they’re, well – a bit boring - especially when you review some of the fabulous options now available.

Quality Radiators

Imagine how your rooms would look with beautiful designer radiators or wonderfully crafted Cast Iron Radiators, perhaps Column Radiators rising impressively up your walls or Stainless Steel Radiators seeking of quality. Now that’s class.

Why not have a look at all your options, visualise them in your home and then make your decision?