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Faraday Eco 624 x 1200 (7 Fans)

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The innovative Supplies4Heat FARADAY® Eco panel radiator 624 x 1200mm (7 Fans), ensures efficient heating in low temperature heating systems. Its unique nature lies in the integration of fans and an autonomous controller directly into the radiator. It can be used without operating the fans or at one of five levels of intensity of forced convection. The efficient fans on top of the radiator can increase the output by over 40%.

Faraday Eco 624 x 1000 - Outputs Δt 30°C

Fans Off Comfort Fans Max

Power Used (Watts)       0.5       5       8

Watts Δt at 30°C      940    1225   1337

BTUs Δt at 30°C
   3207    4180    4562

  • Exclusively for use with low temperature (Δt 30˚C) systems
  • Type 22 Flat panel radiator with integrated fans
  • 1 height and 4 widths
  • Integral fans increase the heat output by over 40%*
  • 2-year guarantee electrical components, 10-year radiator
  • RAL 9016 White as standard
  • Available in 3 to 5 working days

Exclusively for Low Temperature Systems

Heat pumps represent a very efficient and economical method of heating. However, choosing a suitable low temperature radiator is important to guarantee optimum performance. The new FARADAY® Eco radiator represents the perfect combination of a heat pump and radiator, ensuring the desired comfort level. Using its integrated fans, this radiator can increase heat output by over 40%.

The new FARADAY® Eco panel radiator can also be used during the summer months,
operating in passive cooling mode, they can be part of systems designed to use heat pumps that are able to circulate cooler water (min 18ºc to avoid condensation), which will then help to cool the building.

Whether your heating or cooling, the FARADAY® Eco is designed specifically for low
temperature systems, maximising outputs in winter and taking the heat off in summer.
Standard sizes and brackets make specifying easy and installation simple.

BTU calculated at Delta 30 & Fan setting at Max
Maximum flow temperature 60°C, not suitable for systems with higher flow temperatures.

Tested to BS EN16430.

Depth - 120mm
Wall to face - 125mm / 145mm
Pipe Centres - Left to Right - Width plus Valves
Pipe Centres from wall - 73mm / 93mm
Provided with:  1 x transformer plug with 1.2m wire. Input: 100–240VAC 0.3A 50/60Hz. Output: 12VDC, 2A

Valves not included
Number of Sections1
Weight (kg)not specified
Height (mm) 624
Width (mm) 1200
Depth (mm) 125

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