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Cast Iron Radiator Standard Wall Safety Stay - "Hidden" Type

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Wall Stays (otherwise known as wall brackets or wall ties) are required for maximum safety.

Standard wall stays are attached to the back of the cast iron radiator and are then drilled and rawl-plugged to the wall for added safety. Manufacturers recommend that one wall stay is required for every radiator up to 10 sections.

For example:

  • if your cast iron radiator is up to 10 sections long you will require one cast iron wall stay
  • if it is 11 to 20 sections long you will require 2 wall stays
  • 21 - 30 sections long, three wall stays, and so on.

This model is the "standard" or "hidden" type which is attached to the rearmost radiator column, i.e.the column which is nearest to the wall. This way, the stay is only seen if you look at the radiator direcly from the front.

We can give advice on the wall stays you will require for your cast iron radiator order.

Weight (kg)0.4
Height (mm) 48
Width (mm) 265
Depth (mm) 48

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