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The Importance of Using Inhibitor in Your Radiators
06 Nov

The Importance of Using Inhibitor in Your Radiators

Posted By: Dewey Tetzlaff Times Read: 1615 Comments: 0

We cannot stress enough the importance of using corrosion inhibitors in your heating system to prevent damage to your radiators.

We had the unfortunate case recently of a customer's cast iron radiator developing a pin-hole leek just 7 to 8 months after installation. When the customer complained about the leak, the manufacturer had a water test carried out, and the lab report showed that no inhibitor had been used.

High levels of acidic chlorides had attacked the radiator walls and eroded them. So, not only did the customer have a leaking radiator, sadly the absence of inhibitor in the system voided the manufacturer's 10-year Guarantee.

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